January 2020
Saint Aug Dog Newspaper First Confiscated & Banned In
Saint Augustine, Florida, March 5, 1998

Note: This article was created in late 2018 and mostly finished in 2019. Sickness (see side bar) prevented its publication until now. Note the prescient virus warning in the close.This is a long read but worthwhile if you can get through it.

America — You Have Been Played And Betrayed...
The Genesis Of The "Deep State"
(Why you are so fearful and anxious and why your world is being torn apart!)

Article by Warren Celli: Author of the BOX the Fox "Deceptionology " thesis. The article draws from, and includes continued development of, that thesis. It also stands as a validation of all of the material in the Saint Aug Dog "MURDER" issue.

1. Abstract
2. The propagation of fascism; disappearing history.
3. Xtrevilism (pronounced x-tree-vil-ism).
4. The root origin of systemic structures.
5. The diabolical reality of human existence — Darwin was wrong, Celli was right! Digieugenics — changing your DNA in real time.
6. The "Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gas Lighting Industry" (aka mainstream media). From kapos to corpos.
7. Summary - The Onotron.
1. ABSTRACT: Fascism was never defeated in WWII. Long before Hitler took his cyanide capsule in his Berlin bunker many of his more perceptive generals and larger corporate weapons suppliers, who could see the coming defeat, were already planning and negotiating their dis-entanglements and escapes. These covert machinations, aided and abetted by their many war time fascist collaborators (fascists themselves, with many located in the United States), facilitated the propagation of a new and improved fascism that now operates in the present day in a 'hidden in plain sight' global, multi-modal format.

This new and improved multi faceted format is a secretive (birds of a feather flock together) cabal of unelected self anointed elite psychopaths that make global policy. This policy making power and their control has been gained and implemented through an ingenious use of: the Noble Lie; corporatism; control of global banking; and the subsequent co-option of, and control of, governments around the globe and the institutions of those co-opted governments, i.e.; their Rule Of Law, Media, Military, Law Enforcement, Political Parties, etc. A key element of implementing this new fascism is global media consolidation for cultural menticide management where cultural belief systems are incrementally changed to accept the newer evil as normal, and, to even adore, lionize, and emulate the Noble Liar, corporate pig perpetrators while at the same time fragmenting and atomizing populations. This in effect allows their behind the curtain machinations of secrecy to be 'hidden in plain sight'. Their present policy is 'Full Spectrum Dominance' and a global herd thinning implemented by creating 'Perpetual Conflict In The Masses'.

The article first highlights just a few of the more prominent pathways that allowed key advocates and perpetrators of WWII fascism to escape their deserved retribution and then describes how fascism, through the genetically based process of xtrevilism, morphed into its present, secretive, "deep state controlled", yet 'hidden in plain sight', form.

To understand the material presented here, and why the world is in such disastrous environmental and political turmoil, you must first understand and accept — with an OPEN mind — some very important dynamically interdependent concepts. Downplayed concepts that you have been intentionally kept ignorant of by the Noble Liar, corporate pig billionaire's enormous sell out shill global xtrevilist media (the Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry — aka the mainstream media) and those who have been duped by it all. These little honestly discussed and dynamically interdependent concepts are listed in the index.

2. The propagation of fascism...

As mentioned in the abstract, long before Hitler took his cyanide capsule in his Berlin bunker many of his more perceptive generals and larger corporate weapons suppliers — who could see the coming defeat — were already planning and negotiating their dis-entanglements and escapes. These covert machinations took place on an exceptionally large scale and involved many collaborators. As in most occurrences of this kind, money, much of it in the form of stolen wealth, provided great leverage.

I will not belabor this fascist propagation point, before, during, and post WWII, as it is a subject that has been well covered by many individuals far more able than I in historical detective work. It is also a subject that has been well suppressed by scrubbing on the internet (and some good person should make a career out of collecting and cataloging all of this material under the heading of 'The History Of DETODology'). I will however present three main vectors with a link for each and you can do your own research and convince yourself from there.

1. The Catholic Church...

Ratlines (World War II aftermath)

2. The US CIA...

CIA's Worst-Kept Secret

3. Existing fascism...

The United States was never immune to fascism. Not then, not now
David Motadel

Supplemental reading...

Nazis on the Run by Gerald Steinacher – review
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret

Google's True Origin — the CIA connection

The important point here is to keep in mind that the diabolical psychopathic deceptive evil essence of fascism was never vanquished. Through the process of genetically based xtrevilism it has merely changed its form and reemerged in a more virulent secretive form. A key element in facilitating this transition to greater evil has been the 'Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry', discussed in section 6.

3. Xtrevilism (pronounced x-tree-vil-ism)

xtrevilism genetically based mental disorder
Xtrevilism is a neologism (a new word or expression) that I coined many years back to explain the process of incremental change from a lower state of evil to a higher more pernicious state of evil; i.e., from evil to Xtrevilism. Xtrevilism is an indiscriminate disease that affects humans regardless of the present day cultural differences it has created, i.e., race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual persuasion, etc.

noun: 1 a genetically based evolutionary antisocial mental disorder with readily identifiable and concretely measurable characteristics that affects individuals and groups of individuals 2 contagious psychopathy, often menticide induced, that is based in extreme insecurity and deception 3 the current dominant form of xtrevilism 4 the willingness to engage in intra species cannibalization 5 a disease that manifests in present time and over historical time in cyclical intensities

verb: 1 the process of evolutionary change that describes the transmuting from one state of evil to a higher state of evil. 2 dynamically improving and ever more guileful deceptions that utilize the deaths of others within species

The word is meant to give prominence to the fact that the process of escalating evil in human nature is an ongoing dynamic shades of gray process, and that once we have identified and labeled an evil, e.g., "fascism", it's greater evil, its newer evil — using feedback from how it was discovered and suppressed — is already being evolved and improved. The word is also meant to be a basis for improving the mitigating force of morality.

4. The Root Origin Of Systemic Structures (DETODs) — Human Genetic Behavioral Mechanisms...

Destabilizing social problems and the depletion and degradation of natural resources are NOT based in the effects of human created systemic structures and devices (DETOD's), i.e., economics, corporatism, political ideologies, racism, sexism, homophobia, patriotism, nation states, religions, rule of law, centralization, decentralization, etc., they are based in the genetic behavioral mechanisms in the humans that caused the structures or devices — both good and bad depending on their use and one's perception — to be created in the first instance.

xtrevilismDETODSdeceptive externalized toolsofdominance

The Deceptive Internal Tools of Dominance (DITODs) are represented in the diagram by the Perception Deception symbol.

Said another way: It is not the structures themselves, it is the morality of those who create and control the deployment of the structures, that is the determinant of their benefit to humanity.

Remedying the negative societal effects of these structural systems, many of which never should have come into existence and need to be completely eliminated, is impossible without first understanding and focusing on the realities of the immoral human behavior that caused them in the first instance and that control them in the present. Dissipating your energies trying to improve systems created and controlled by xtrevilist psychopaths without understanding their psychopathy is folly. An old native american saying comes to mind here: "You can not wake up people who are pretending to be asleep."

These aberrant behaviors are not all as subjective as those who engage in them would have you believe through their puppet apologist shills; they are in fact very concrete and measurable. But first you must understand their source. Understanding this root cause and effect relationship requires that one not only understand the psychopathy of xtrevilism but also the diabolical reality of human existence and the part that accelerated evolution now plays in that process.

Again, an OPEN mind please...

5. The diabolical reality of human existence
— Darwin was wrong, Celli was right!

Existence is diabolical. The gift of life comes in a wrapper of death. This requires that sentient individuals devise coping mechanisms to keep from going bat sxxt crazy. The diabolical nature of the process is a hard pill to swallow and many of us readily accept any co-opted god fraud fantasy (there are many to choose from now, notice that they all come with a set of behavior and viewpoint controlling rules that make you obeisant and non threatening to the powers that be) or other distractions that will mitigate the fear. Notice also that these coping mechanisims in and of themselves may have great merit, but that value is diminished when they are co-opted and repurposed by imposters.
Because so many of us have been brainwashed into believing others supplied various coping mechanism fantasies to explain and distract from the diabolical conundrum of existence (religion, nationalism, extreme patriotism, allegiance to icons and myths, distractive entertainment, hermetic principles, etc.) we have to reprogram ourselves to the reality of life. This requires sorting out the co-option of the imposters to get to the true values of the various beliefs involved. Reprogramming requires courage, great integrity, and deep soul searching as many of us benefit in some way (although poorly) from the status quo and its vast array of bogus coping skills.
In essence we live in a dog eat dog world whereby deception, in all species, is the strongest political (division of spoils) force on the planet. Understanding this diabolical process of existence is key to creating a morality that will greatly mitigate it.

Over aggression and the imbalance of internal and external evolutionary forces ('nature vs nurture')... Evolution has woven into the DNA and environmental conditions of some very few in all species a hyper anxiety to control existence through various forms of over competitiveness and extreme deception. This over aggressiveness is meant to keep individual species evolutionary viable and allow them continued travel along the evolutionary pathway. This excessive competitiveness has been useful in humanity in the past for gaining dominance over other species, but now, as humanity has become the dominant species, excessive competitiveness within species (which currently manifests in humans as deceptive scams of greed, poor resource management, murder, excessive control, privatization scams, instigating war, global pollution, etc.), has become not only an impediment to the continued healthy development of humanity but it has now become the cause of the conditions for the extinction of humanity. Human intellect should now instead be focused morally on creating DETODs, (Deceptive Externalized Tools of Dominance), that; maintain species dominance; treat other species as respectfully and as humanely as possible; but do not contribute to intra human species conflict and murder. The focus should be on morally sustainable dominance of other species and natural resources. We have won the war over other species, we must now end these maladaptive behaviors in the very few xtrevilist humans that threaten our existence. These hyper anxious overly aggressive very few individuals are no longer an asset to humanity; they are now an extreme genetically aberrant liability! The reason for this is the now tremendous imbalance of the greater environmental forces, DETODS, that change our DNA in real time. The creations, the environment, now form and shape their creators in real time (see below).

These hyper anxious overly aggressive very few individuals are no longer an asset to humanity; they are now an extreme genetically aberrant liability!

Murder... It is important to note here that the majority of humans are peaceful, not over aggressive, and would not take another humans life without some exceptional provocation or incitement. Xtrevilists however, have no qualms about such behavior (see the Noble Lie below), and they, through their co-opted cultural control mechanisms, constantly provide the divisive exceptional provocation and incitement to the masses to kill and maim each other, and; to intentionally deny them opportunity to keep them impoverished and in a constant state of ever increasing anxiety that sends them to an early grave.

Validation... I have for many years now put forth the thesis that your environment changes your gene expressions in real time, but more importantly, that your environment is now the dominant shaping force of humanity. From my Deceptionology Thesis;
"Bye bye 'natural' selection... This facet of the power of DETODs is significantly under recognized and is far more important than most would realize to the development of culture, the individuals within it, and their future. Yes, natural selection still contributes to evolution and shaping the culture, but the cultural environment, now comprised of ever more and ever growing DETODs, has gained a dominant mass of its own and plays a far greater role in the process. This externalized mass of DETODs is gaining exponentially in its power as each day goes by, to shape you, form you, and mold you in real time. It is this power to shape, form, and mold human organisms, in real time through this externally shared DNA function, that explains the accelerated pace of life and evolution. "

Thus the disease of xtrevilism can be propagated more rapidly on an environmental xtrevilism begets xtrevilism' basis. I have been ignored and labeled as a tin foil hat wing nut for this belief. But the science is now slowly coming to the reality. The following comments are based on this linked article, the article is a must read for understanding the comments made here...

Regarding the linked article;

A. I do not subscribe to using the term "epigenetics" to describe the synergy of the external environmental influences that change and control gene expression. It is a misnomer in that it does not separate clearly enough the internal DNA and its phenotype expressions from their external environmental causes; causes which are now predominantly man made DETODs controlled by the xtrevilist few. This is similar to keeping the fields of epidemiology and psychology in the subjective realm in order to conceal the objective concrete reality of the self serving piggishly wealthy controlling few. Epigenetics should be called DETODology. It should also be noted that this control process is a form of incremental eugenics over time, see the discussion below on genetic optimization.

B. Further; the term epigenetics serves to mask and keep people ignorant of the diabolical nature of life, knowledge of which is necessary to make proper moral judgments about the technology. Proper moral judgments that will determine the future control of gene editing. Proper moral judgments that will control the future of evolution. This is similar to Darwin (a product of his inhibitive cultural memes, limited scientific development (i.e., pre discovery of DNA), and a noticeably far slower developing environment), misnaming evolution as survival of the fittest. Fitness has little to do with evolution. Deception has eliminated many very fit organisms in all species. It is not survival of the fittest, it is survival of the most deceptive that determines continuance down the evolutionary trail!

darwinspeaksonxtrevilismDarwin speaks...
"Celli is right! I was wrong! If I had the same information he has gathered and interpreted I would agree with him 100 %. His terminology and perceptions are brilliant. Xtrevilism is real. Rich people suck! They are changing your DNA in real time and keeping the evolutionary based hierarchal pyramid political system in place. Just as they manipulate your DNA in real time you can manipulate theirs and create a levelocracy political system where all in the human family have true equal opportunity in peace and harmony."

The article gives the impression that most of these changes are limited to pre natal, post natal and adolescence. Definitely not true. We are all subject to the gene expression control of our DNA by environmental dynamics at any age. Ask any adult US military road side bomb victim. But more importantly; ask what environmental factors convinced him to go against his nature, don a uniform and carry a gun to kill others?

D. The article is biased to the 'in the box' juried thinking of those who produced it and those who write their pay checks. Hence the focus on violence of individuals (the victim exploitation and fear mongering industry that now permeates our global culture) and not on the xtrevilist Noble Liar corporate pig perpetrators that create the conditions that foster that violence. In effect; it has the odor of lies of omission about it.

E. The article does not cover the most exciting future use of the science — mapping the inter penetrating spheres of DETOD influence... just as DNA can be mapped within the human body so too can the effects of
external environmental DETOD influences that change and control gene expression be mapped and quantified. Combining numerous past and present data bases (geography, soils, population migrations, personal asset wealth, yearly income history, living spaces and conditions, zip code data, food purchasing, media consumption history, environmental disaster data, etc.) into multi layered and inter penetrating multi dimensional sphere of influence data programs would reveal precisely the causative relationships and create a scientific basis for improving society. Note the bold italicized type in the preceding sentence. Yes, follow the assets and follow the money!

This three dimensional DNA microscopy genetic mapping process, still in its infancy, is taking place right now. It is amazing science created by teams of truly gifted individuals — note the morality and the xtrevilist past connections of those who presently co-opt and control it.

The article does not of course touch on the most important points here;

• The tremendous imbalance that the dominant environment now plays in the internal vs external control of the human organisms DNA.
• The great number of the multilevel simultaneous direct external to internal real time responses of the process and their degrees of permanency.
• The electronic migration effect in the analogue DETODs.
• And the dominant pathways of their propagation.

Your environment is your DNA. It is controlled by the xtrevilist few. They are genetically controlling you in real time right now!.

A few thoughts regarding proof of the human body as analogue in the Deceptionology Thesis... There are approximately three billion gene pairs situated throughout the cells and sensing devices in the human body, and the cells vary by location e.g., eyes and their sensors are different than lungs and their sensors. Gene pair switching, in the aggregate, functions like real time random access memory (gene pairs = RAM) working in conjunction with the hard drive permanent memory (DNA = CPU) in a computer. The computer of course (a DETOD) is presently a comparatively rudimentary and limited device but it mimics the gene switching process DNA function.

The random access memory of gene pair switching in the human body is not limited to one individual on off function. It works in combination with thousands of other gene pair switchings, and In the aggregate it allows for real time graduated or instantaneous selective retention and selective limiting of information from none/minimum to maximum/total over a period of time.

In the far less sophisticated computer analogue we see this same fledgling phenomenon, it is similar to sand-boxing in a computer. Through computer coding and specific computer languages you will be allowed or not allowed access to information. Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, etc., perform the same (again rudimentary but gaining in sophistication each day) decision and isolation function. Again, remember that DETODs (in this instance computers) follow the human body analogue for their use and creation.

A social analogue, yes, political systems are DETODs, would be the corralling or kettling of demonstrators by cops in a demonstration to selectively determine and control information flow.

An electronic analogue would be the use of sensors and electronic logic gates to electronically control viewpoints/information and actions/behavior. Note the possibilities for reverse engineering guidance in other species and the mimicking of their DETOD structures. This is already in progress but will soon explode in its usefulness. A pity that humanity has already destroyed so many valuable species. So many great and wonderful creatures to have learned from and mimicked.

Understanding this gene switching phenomenon, and improvement in real time non invasive observations of it, will ultimately allow for precisely targeted repair and or erasure of past violence induced memory (a natural time based process depending on past causes) in victims of PTSD, rape, child abuse, etc. Very targeted stem cell, shock therapy, etc., will be possible to repair and reset gene pairs, This 'future' is well on its way to becoming reality in the field of "Molecular Medicine". Note this excerpt from an excellent article published in 2000 entitled "Positron emission tomography provides molecular imaging of biological processes".


Watson and Crick's elucidation of DNA in 1958 initiated a time in which biological and physical scientists would strive to unravel the genetic code and its regulated expression that is the basis of development and maintenance of phenotypic function of all cells of an organism. At this time, there is an intense exploration to determine patterns of gene expression that encode for normal biological processes such as replication, migration, signal transduction of cell communication, and many other functions cells perform. There is also a growing basis for diseases resulting from alterations in normal regulation of gene expression that transition cells to phenotypes of disease. These alterations in gene expression can result from interactions with the environment, hereditary deficits, developmental errors, and aging processes. As a result, physical, biological and medical sciences are working together to identify fundamental errors of disease and develop molecular corrections for them. The name given to this broad field of endeavor is “Molecular Medicine.”

The improvements in molecular medicine and understanding of gene mechanisms since that short time ago have been phenomenal and far reaching. Gene editing and the passing of genetic changes to offspring (gene drive) is now a reality. Studies and experiments of in vivo gene switching of environmentally based reversible behavioral mechanisms in the mamallian body are now also well on their way in the present day. They will ultimately prove the present day dominance of the environment in the evolutionary process. Note that this research is carried out in the DETODs environmental world and note that this is in keeping with the shift to the next iteration of humanity, the Onotron that we are all being subsumed into. Note also the powerful role that the Electronic Migration Effect in DETODs is playing in the research.

The present day dominance of the environment in the evolutionary process is in functional reality the womb of the next iteration of humanity — the Onotron.

Some thoughts on the morality involved... Yes, I admit to my bias. I think the 'system' as structured grossly over rewards the Noble Liar corporate pig billionaire xtrevilist few who control the many and it sucks! Humanity can do a far better job of mitigating the genetic disease of xtrevilism and creating a more peaceful world.

A point of hypocritical interest here. The 'scientific community' has gone ethically spastic in discussing the controlling of recent gene editing technologies (CRISPR/Cas9 and CRISPR/Cas13) to create modified life forms, yet they are virtually silent on controlling the far more socially damaging environmental control of life forms through consolidated global media and its propagation pathways. Both methodologies are variations of eugenics, one carried out in the environment as put forth in this article, and one carried out in the lab. See the discussion below on genetic optimization and the closing thoughts, and realize; honest and open discussion of gene editing control is very important, but it will never take place without first regaining control of media.

Implications... If you have understood the reality here — the power of your environment to control your gene expression on a fleeting to lasting basis in real time, and; that that power has outstripped the power of random mutation, and is now the dominant power that shapes, controls, forms and harms you, and those around you — you should be able to now understand the causes of a range of debilitating past and present societal problems, intentionally created, and project their ramifications into the future. It is not a pretty picture.

PTSD, gang violence, obesity, school shootings, school lock downs, school 'hardening', illegal and immoral wars that intentionally create chaos, death, and mass migration of whole populations, bullying, etc. Especially harmful is the fear mongering psychological damage intentionally done to our children through media and the physiological damage they suffer from junk over processed foods. Yes! These are
intentionally created problems that these Neanderthal throwback perpetrators are only to happy to provide you 'safety' from!

In the present day the root cause is the genetically based xtrevilism in the unelected Noble Liar corporate pig billionaires and their gas lighting media and its propagation. The resultant divisive societal problems are the effects of their disease of xtrevilism.

From Nielson Ratings;

"According to the first-quarter 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, nearly half an adults’ day is dedicated to consuming this content. In fact, American adults spend over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or generally interacting with media. Behind this surge are the growing use of new platforms, as well as the younger, multicultural generations who leverage them."

Suspicions confirmed — your own thinking is validated... Many of us know, especially those who have maintained their common sense, that our life's experiences contribute to forming, shaping, and making us who we are and what we are and what kind of moral compass we have. And, we intuit specific past causes in our own lives that have deeply affected us, negatively or positively. But we have never had substantive real time scientific proof and so we have been subject to the naysayers, those who intentionally create doubt in us, and the self anointed subjective psychology cranks and those who write their paychecks.

The bruise on a child's face, caused by a blow from a distraught and misguided parent, can heal rather quickly. However, the psychic pain generated by gene pair switching from that very same blow that serves to form and develop the child, often takes much longer and sometimes, sadly, does not heal or reset at all; even throughout a lifetime.

The power to change... So we continue to believe that we are limited to being what we have become and limited in our power to change. But we are not so limited. With the realization of the dynamics of the process comes the realization that we have the power to change at any stage in life. To change ourselves for the optimization of our own spirits we must change our internal and external environment and we must do so in a balanced way. Self change in tandem with changing the xtrevilist few who are in control. Just as they work in secret to genetically optimize you to suit their selfish and destructive genetically aberrant over aggressive needs, you must work outside of their controlling systems to change their throwback genetics.

Genetic optimization, the reality, eugenics...  Webster defines eugenics as: the practice or advocacy of controlled selective breeding of human populations (as by sterilization) to improve the population's genetic composition. Eugenics has long been a contentious and taboo subject, and rightly so. Many past immoral and harmful life controlling experiments have been carried out in secret and in public without any democratic social oversight. People do not like the idea of having their, and humanities, genetic composition in the hands of the self anointed few.

But the genie is out of the bottle. If you have understood all of the preceding information you must understand that; that is exactly what is happening to you right now! Your mind, your genetic make up, is being controlled, shaped, and formed, in real time by those few xtrevilist genetic throwbacks who control and shape your external and internal environment. Not by operable sterilization, but rather through a more secretive and incrementally deceptive process; through media mezmerization, i.e., digieugenics (digital eugenics)! Through media digieugenics they have rearranged your gene pairs and instilled in you; self doubt, mistrust, fear, and hate for your fellow humans. Is this a form of eugenics? A form of sterilization? Yes, absolutely and definitely!

Webster also defines sterilization, a transitive verb: to make powerless or useless usually by restraining from a normal function, relation, or participation
. That is exactly what is happening here. Through media digieugenics you have been filled with self doubt, mistrust, fear, and hate for your fellow humans and thereby made powerless and useless to yourself and others in reaching the full potential of your spirit. Webster needs to redefine eugenics as: the practice or advocacy of controlled selective breeding of human populations (as by sterilization or media digieugenics) to improve the population's genetic composition. Then one can ask, improve the population's genetic composition for who? Yes, you've got it! For the few xtrevilist genetically aberrant, overly piggish controlling elite! [Note the effect of the EME, (electronic migration effect in DETODs scroll down page) as it relates to the exponential increase in the now global scale and content of the digieugenics process.]

WARNING: Participate or perish. This is not a time to run and hide into the calming embrace of self deceit. This is a time for reinvention of self. A time to push back. A time to be bold and strong.

Yes, the idea of battling in the realm of eugenics is abhorrent, but also keep in mind, it is the greedy xtrevilist few who have usurped and excluded you from the more moral (if administered fairly) political process.

Again: you must participate or perish. We must, and can, all work together to change the DNA of the aberrant, over
aggressive, destructive of humanity few, just as they are so deceptively changing ours. Read on...

You are what you've been through, but now and the future are up to you!

Which is a nice segue into the next section, exposing the deceptions in the media juggernaut,
"The Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry". A major environmental force. A force more powerful than the entire US Military.

Regaining media control and deprogramming ourselves is job number one. Yes, it is possible, drop your media mezmermized induced limitations — read on...

6. The Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry (aka corporate mainstream media)...

From kapos to corpos, hiding in plain sight... The aberrant psychopathic mental disorder of xtrevilism, with its dynamically improving deceptions in real time, has many identifiable characteristics. But they are very difficult to see. The reason for this is that one of the more prominent aberrant characteristics of xtrevilists is to always present themselves as well meaning folks just like you and me. They go to great extremes to insure that you will not only think well of them but that you will also accept their piggish wealth and accept the great harm and evil that they are doing to you and the environment as 'acceptable' or 'normal'. This brainwashing is carried out by well paid surrogate collaborators in the media. "Corpos" they are called, and yes, there is an eerie parallel early stage structure to the korpos in the WWII concentration camps (more about that later) but again, consider the fascist influence briefly laid out above especially as it pertains to Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and the very few major media conglomerates, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, ABC, BBC, MSNBC, etc., in the current intentional fragmenting of society. Also consider that the media, 'the Fourth Estate' of today, is all inclusive of all forms of communication, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Baloneywood, etc., all of which are owned, controlled, and operated, by xtrevilist corporate pig billionaires or their aspiring infected wannabees.

XtrevilismThrough media digieugenics the xtrevilists have rearranged your gene pairs and instilled in you; self doubt, mistrust, fear, and hate for your fellow humans.

The Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry (aka mainstream media) — Xtrevilism's most powerful weapon — a force more powerful than the entire US Military!

These corpos comprise the now global 'Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry'. In essence the xtrevilist few are paying (with money that they have deceptively stolen from you) their media corpos; to gaslight, brainwash, and diminish the spirits of you and your friends and neighbors on their behalf. Outright fabrication of the truth and endless divisive distractions are well laced with lies of omission that mask in plain site the xtrevilism of their masters. These corporate sell outs work tirelessly to constantly make you believe that you have a dog in the hunt. They work at the direction of the xtrevilist elite who write their paychecks and write their teleprompter and on line trolling scripts. The corpos themselves are constantly evolving but only through script changes coming to their teleprompters from the xtrevilist policy makers at the top. If you have a few brain cells dedicated to observation you must have noticed that recently the corpos are working overtime to relate and endear themselves to you. They are all now, at all levels, national to local, media 'sellebrities' and they present themselves as; "your family", "on your side", "investigating for you", "your fact checkers", "fair and balanced", "real news", etc. They are also presently running a major love fest PR program to convince you of the kindness and caring of their corporate pig billionaire masters and their families.

Gone are the days of the serious faced, factual news reporter. They are now selected for their good looks or their ability to present themselves as being just another person from the community and they are trained and required to embellish their brainwashing 'news' (deep state supplied policy scripts) with heartwarming stories from their own lives. Yes, they are sly and devious teleprompter readers that you will relate to you as a friend from the community when in reality they are selling you out for their crumbunist paycheck. They relate and spread the hate. They endear and spread the fear. Its all a gas lighting infomercial for the extrevilist few!

The 'Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry', is now in reality, even more powerful than the military as it is capable of changing viewpoints and behaviors in real time whereby people can be made to fight and kill each other to effect desired xtrevilist policy simply by inciting pre-inculcated passions. The military now merely plays a 'back up, threaten, stir the pot, and balance the forces where required' role.

This media powerhouse spreads the Noble Lies, it glorifies and normalizes the traitorous corporate pig structures and it glorifies and sells to the public the unelected control of central banking, but most importantly it is used to gas light the public and implement the police state Full Spectrum Dominance policy that is currently being implemented by creating Perpetual Conflict In The Masses.

It is being used to alter your DNA in real time!

xtrevilism digital eugenics

Summary & Conclusion Thus Far...
An insightful new lens for observation...
In summary; one must realize and consider the interactive synergy of all of the aforementioned dynamically inter penetrating spheres of influence already discussed (including the part that your own internal deception perception mechanisms have played as a recipient participant in its unfolding). I repeat them here as a refresher:

The propagation of fascism, disappearing history;
Xtrevilism (pronounced x-tree-vil-ism);
The root origin of systemic structures;
The diabolical reality of human existence — Darwin was wrong, Celli was right!; Digieugenics — changing your DNA in real time.
The "Lipstick On The Noble Liar Corporate Pig Gaslighting Industry" [Aka mainstream media] From kapos to corpos.

Summary - The Onotron.

A pyramid structural hierarchy that historically follows genetic distributions...
Wealth that follows genetic distributions... Observing through the totality of this insightful new lens you will realize that if you ever want to change systemic structures it will not be through engaging the hypocritical and destructive hierarchal systemic structures themselves. These systems are designed to prevent change (any resistance) and to dissipate your energies and deflect from the piggish wealth of those who create and control them to enslave you. You should now see, if you have maintained an open mind and you have a few operable brain cells, that they are all, at their roots, genetically based hierarchal systems that have endlessly repeated themselves throughout human history. They are all deceptions, DETODs, and they all follow a three part pyramid structure; an extremely disproportionately very small top policy making tier: an administrative and law enforcement joined at the hip tier; and all of the rest of us in the largest producer of goods bottom tier. Note that the piggish and extreme wealth of the less than .001% of humanity follows this now aberrant genetic distribution. It is euphemistically called "skill biased technological change", but the reality is that it is highly immoral deception based technological change.

We must accept that xtrevilism is a reality, that it is genetically based, and that it can be recognized through observation of its most dominant traits — extreme asset and income distribution. We must also accept that xtrevilism is a contagious and coercive disease that spreads by making ever more people complicit in its metastasizing by controlling their crumb supply (crumbunism). Humanity is at an accelerated turning point in evolution. It is time to remove the over aggressive dominant control that xtrevilism enjoys. Many would say that 'hanging is to good for them', but for posterities sake they need to be institutionalized and studied. Few would argue that the world would not be far better off.

Whoever controls the genetics of humanity... Whoever controls the genetics of humanity controls the world. Whoever blocks and changes the present controlling immoral genetic control is doing the relevant useful work for positive evolutionary change and peace on earth.

It is very difficult to believe that you have been so deeply hoodwinked — played and betrayed! Many victims of Ponzi schemes when faced with the reality that they have been so cleverly deceived still want to believe that it will all work out. It won't. You must now participate or perish.

Vote and stay within the bounds of the existing systemic structures
if you must, but know that when you do you only serve to validate and legitimize the genetically aberrant controlling elite's rigged system that enslaves you. The work to be done is outside the deceptive established ways.

WARNING: Just as the environment has rapidly become, and is presently, the dominant evolutionary shaping force of humanity, work being done in the labs owned and controlled by the genetically aberrant few, to directly alter internal genetic make up, may change all of that in a heart beat. Think bio-warfare and precisely targeted viruses.

Again, you must participate or perish!


7. The Onotron...

The currently evolving next iteration of humanity... The Deceptionology thesis uses the human body as an analogue for DETOD creation and the forming of the Onotron. The aggregate mass of DETODS, and the morality inherent in them, is now, and will continue to, ultimately shape and form the next iteration of humanity and your future. Understanding this concept of the Onotron, and the no return accelerated pace at which it is forming, is essential to put all of the preceding in context, It is essential to
understanding the deleterious immoral formative role xtrevilism plays in it, and it is also essential to mitigating that immorality,

Background: About the Deceptionology thesis.

Cancer strikes again!
But "The Saint Aug Dog", ever resilient, and now less most of his right ear due to a rapidly growing Cutaneous Squamous Cell Cancer, and some very corrupt medical treatment, returns again, briefly, to strike fear into the hearts of the xtrevilist few...
If you have followed this web site since its inception, and grown along with me, you know that about four years ago I was stricken with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Fortunately I survived. That was followed by two hurricanes, Mathew and Irma, and if you are a local Saint Augustine resident you know that the downtown area was flooded in both storms. Alas, my humble abode was unfortunately swamped with two feet of water in both storms. I am still recovering from both storms and the first cancer. Alas again, the second cancer has me up against the wall and the prognosis is not good.
 I had hoped to get the long promised store up and running soon for support. It also does not look good.
For those who tried to contact me with the old PO box number, which I have removed, my apologies, it was discontinued by the P.O. during my deeper bouts of sickness and low energy.
For those who do want to support me I ask for your prayers. The Great Spirit sometimes works in mysterious ways.

Tail Wags and Dog Bites

A bark for the bark-less!

For the record: I am for the Rule of Law and a strong Law Enforcement! I oppose strongly a corrupt Rule of Law and corrupt Law Enforcement!

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Learn its meaning!

xtrevilism's  primary tools of dominance
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The present policy of the ruling global elite is; 'Full Spectrum Dominance' and a global herd thinning implemented by creating 'Perpetual Conflict In The Masses'.

Updates/notes of interest:

Important: "Calling out the dogs"
Xtrevilism, the new and improved secretive covert fascism, exploits and uses people still mired in the old Hitler form of overt fascism, by inciting them to foment socially disruptive chaotic divisiveness. This is what is referred to by the xtrevilist elite as "Calling out the dogs".

Xtrevilism does not discriminate...
Xtrevilism is an indiscriminate disease that affects humans regardless of the present day cultural differences that it has created, i.e., race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual persuasion, etc.

Greed Limits
We have speed limits to maintain an orderly and safe flow of traffic. We also need greed limits to maintain an orderly and safe flow  of humanity.

Life's Great! Stay Busy! Have Fun!

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