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Saint Augustine, Florida, March 5, 1998

America you have been played...
Scamerican 'Crumbunism'...

The fairy tale is 'Representative Democracy' — the harsh reality is 'Crumbunism' that expresses in 'Pretendunism'...

Meritocracy or Deceptocracy? Learn the difference...
The fairy tale... The cover story... The United States government, supposedly a democratic representative republic with a level playing field, is many times described as a meritocracy — a system in which the smartest and most talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement; on the basis of the quality of their ideas and products being good, important, or useful: on the basis of their having merit or value or worth. That's the fairy tale. That's the cover story. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is deception that rules...

The reality — 'Crumbunism'... In reality American government has been hijacked by self serving, self anointed elite, xtrevilist corporate pigs, and it now stands as a deceptocracy. America has become Scamerica — a pseudo republic characterized by dog eat dog deception.

The operative political system in this new reality is called "Crumbunism" and it is implemented through menticide management (brainwashing). There is NO level playing field. The playing field is continually tilted by Noble Liar corporate pig billionaires who have hijacked the government through 'legalized' graft and corruption and a now scam 'rule of law'; and a scam electoral system that they own and control. Their primary tools of dominance are the noble lie, the corporate structure and control of central banking. Using these primary tools of dominance they have hijacked governments and their institutions around the globe - their media, their militaries, their 'Rules of Law', their political parties, their law enforcement, etc.

Pretendunism... Free markets and capitalism are a carrot fantasy! The xtrevilists have created, through bogus secretive free trade agreements, self serving rigged markets that shut out the common folks who must work for their daily crumbs in a "go along to get along" public pressure system that requires citizens to pretend to survive! Crumbunism psychologically requires all citizens — if they want their daily crumb supply, and whether they believe the propaganda or not — to mask and suppress their real feelings and pretend that they are very happy, patriotically love their country, love their over aggressive fear inducing cops and military, and love their dead end, emotionally draining jobs and lives. Yes! It's called 'Pretendunism'.


A hierarchy that follows genetic distributions...

Crumbunism — a three tier system... The hierarchy of crumbunism is a simple three tier pyramid system which consists of:

A very small top tier...  The very few self anointed elite uber wealthy xtrevilists who make policy. Their formative power emanates from; their ingenious use of the Noble Lie (they are prodidgious liars and masters of deception); their traitorous and secessionist corporate structures; and their unelected ownership and control of the global central banking system.

A larger administrative tier... A slightly larger well paid administrative tier (they get more crumbs than the rest of us). This well paid administrative tier consists of the "Green Wall of $ilence" managing overseers and the "Blue Wall of Silence" law enforcement gang which insures that policy is implemented. Both groups, despite their efforts to pose and present to the public as separate entities, synergistically act as one to impose the policy created at the top. They are the sell outs, they are the corpos! They make some local policy but it is always within the guidelines of policy sent down from the top.

The largest third tier...  The third tier at the bottom, the largest tier, consists of the rest of us. All of the workers, the real producers of essential societally beneficial substance. We do not make any policy but periodically are required to participate in a scam electoral system that is used to validate and legitimize their  xtrevilist masters.

In the crumbunist system the worker producer citizens in the largest bottom tier are incessantly bombarded by the administrative and law enforcement class with state media baloneyspeak lies that claim they are free, exceptional, have great opportunity, live in a land of capitalism and free markets, and at any moment can become a billionaire. All of this disingenuous pap is delivered at the same time that these administrative sell outs are creating an endless array of onerous regulations that stifile and eliminate small business competition. Key baseline elements of the propaganda (based in the Noble Lie, its OK to lie to the untermenschen) are; promoting the self anointed elite corporate owned and controlled status quo; promoting adoration of piggish wealth and corporate pig billionaires; promoting patriotic love of militarism; promoting and creating fear and hate mongering divisiveness and mindless deflective bread and circus corporate entertainment.

Crumbunism's media, the loudest, most strident and persuasive voice on the planet...

Tail Wags and Dog Bites

A bark for the barkless!

Also for the record: I am for the Rule of Law and a strong Law Enforcement! I oppose strongly a corrupt Rule of Law and corrupt Law Enforcement!

Life's great! Stay busy! Have fun!
...and peace to you all!

Look at the harsh reality... If you truly want to build a more moral and better world you are going to have to do some serious soul searching and change your system supplied viewpoints and behaviors. You have to drop the menticide induced mythical fairy tale movies in your head and look at the harsh reallty. You have to stop pretending...


Xtrevilism is a genetically based contagious disease of the mind that puts people in bondage.


corporate fascism

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