Saint Aug Dog Newspaper First Confiscated & Banned In
Saint Augustine, Florida, March 5, 1998

The murders continue...
Criminal Government Shuns Working Class Citizens!

Hijacked City Commission Continues To Ignore Its Illegal And Immoral Origins...

Saint Augustine Florida Gangster City Commissioners

Suffering from "Rounds Disease" a variant symptom of Xtrevilism.
Are they more evil than the KKK? Read on...

By Warren Celli — For immediate release...

Saint Augustine Florida, built on foundations of murder, oppression and tyranny...

Hot greedy hands and ice cold hearts!

The murderous, rude, and arrogant commissioners of the hijacked city government of Saint Augustine, Florida — like a group of fat, lazy, sleazy and very sick insular psychopaths — continue their intentionally contemptuous and snobbish shunning of those citizens that they have murdered, oppressed, tyrannized and made homeless in order to gain and keep their illicit power.

You are being played — the fairy tale theater continues...

Deceptively, these disingenuous hypocrite pretenders ask for your input in order to make you believe that you have a say in "your" government and then these same low life cretins, when you do send them your concerns, ignore you! They shun you! They treat you as lesser non persons.

It is no wonder that so many citizens have tuned these corporate and wealth adoring immoral jackasses out. It is no wonder that so many citizens refuse to participate in government. It is no wonder that so many citizens now view them with such open disdain and contempt.

Their bias and mission is now very clear; they are self anointed elite defenders of the rigged system that sustains the wealth of the rich at the expense of the rest of us.

Here is an excerpted copy of my last email sent to all five city commissioners. It was in support of Lee Geanuleas's effort to stop a remote parking garage from being built in Lincolnville (a really bad idea) and I used that issue to emphasize and elucidate on the "burden shifting" involved in the illegal and immoral hijacking of our city government:


I agree with Lee Geanuleas, this is a perfect example of burden shifting.

The owners, rather than paying the increased costs and passing them on to their customers, seek instead to shift the costs to burden the city residents with increased traffic to and from their business and further burden the residents of Lincolnville with a noisy 24/7 parking lot.

"How far is to far?" Lee asks.

I ask, "Where have we seen this movie before?"


All city commissioners received last week — as a result of their solicitation of the public — an on line copy of the most recent issue of the "Saint Aug Dog". The issue describes, through parody, satire, and mockery, the shifting of wealth to the city's rich elite (through proximate cause corruption), with the resultant burden shift manifesting in the early deaths of many members of the community and an overall degradation of the social fabric of the city of Saint Augustine.

To continue ignoring this issue of greater burden shifting gross criminal corruption, which empowers you all and provides you all with income, is a perfect example of lies of omission.

Your future, your children's future, and your grand children's future depends on your personal courage and moral integrity in handling this issue.

As a reminder...

Last issue of the "Saint Aug Dog".

Salient issue linked to in the last issue of the "Saint Aug Dog".

On behalf of Intentionally Made Homeless and Oppressed Residents Everywhere Count.
Warren Celli

Was there any official response? NO! In spite of the fact that any commissioner has the right, opportunity, and responsibility, at every regular commission meeting, to bring up any concerns of immorality and illegality that they are made aware of by citizens — the issue was completely ignored!

Ask yourself, is your government responsive to the will of the people? Or has your city government been hijacked by disingenuous psychopath liars for personal gain? Are you being oppressed, denied opportunity, and over regulated? Is the quality of life and the quiet enjoyment of your residence being destroyed? Are many citizens being royally screwed and sent to an early grave by these phony psychopaths who are laughing all the way to the bank with YOUR money?

Make the two links above, especially the second one, and read the untold — intentionally suppressed many times — story in the Saint Aug Dog, then you can decide for yourself.

Trickle down sickness...

Like the sins of the parents being visited upon the children, the dysfunctional behavior of your government trickles down and is visited upon the society.

Electing (or re-electing) another one of these self anointed elite crud politicians to the pretend fairy tale system is not a panacea for all of the societal ills we face today. In fact it is counterproductive as it only validates and legitimizes their crooked electoral system and power. Shun them as they shun you.

This is not just about street artists! This is about a criminal administrative class that has usurped citizen's Constitutional power and created a long string of immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional Jim Crow laws that eliminate citizen's freedom and opportunity in order to freeze out competition and stifle political opposition. This hijacked power has allowed them to stay in power, control the media to brainwash the citizenry, foment divisiveness, steal the public commons, run roughshod over the residents and control prices and wages. In the process they have corrupted law enforcement at all levels and created an ever growing homeless class used to instill "job loss fear" in all workers so as to reduce social mobility and make all workers accept crappy, dead end, only game in town, low wage and no benefit jobs.

They ALL are no different in effect than the real KKK including the local 'progressives reform' favorite mayor Nancy Slaver...

An example of Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism.
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

The only difference between the KKK and the Saint Augustine city commission is that the KKK is more open and honest about their hate and evil desires. They at least let you know where they stand. In stark contrast the closet KKK Saint Augustine city commission, that holds far more societally destructive self anointed elite attitudes of superiority, is exceedingly more devious and secretive about their imperiousness.

Instead of dressing themselves in white robes and pointed hats, they deceptively clothe themselves instead in mentacide media, a corrupt rule of law, and the ruse contrived public relations pomp and circumstance and phony awards incessantly barfed out out by their lap dog media. These phony accolades and contrived awards are all meant to build legitimacy and trust — Nobel Peace prizes, Pulitzer prizes, Person Of The Year, Officer Of The Year, etc. Stories of humble beginnings abound, all meant to cast these evil pretenders as "I am just like you and me". Gag me with a spoon! They apply their evil — their hate — to anyone who would dare compete with them on a fair and level playing field. The end result is that their secretive closet murders and destruction of others far exceeds that of the real KKK.

When have you ever heard Nancy Slaver...

When have you ever heard Nancy Slaver speak out about a criminal administrative class that has usurped citizen's Constitutional power and created a long string of immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional Jim Crow laws? Laws that eliminate citizen's freedom and opportunity all deceptively enacted in order to freeze out competition and stifle political opposition? When have you ever heard Nancy Slaver speak out about the hijacked power that has allowed them to stay in power, control the media to brainwash the citizenry, foment divisiveness, steal the public commons, run roughshod over the residents and control prices and wages? When have you ever heard Nancy Slaver speak out about how in the process they have corrupted law enforcement at all levels and created an ever growing homeless class used to instill "job loss fear" in all workers so as to reduce social mobility and make all workers accept crappy, dead end, only game in town, low wage and no benefit jobs?

Nancy Slaver should have been jumping up and down in protest on the city commission table at every commission meeting in the last two years. She has not! Instead the strongest I have ever heard from her, celebrated on Ed Slavin's web site many times, is her code word abstract baloneyspeak passionless statement that; "The streets are empty." An abstraction ostensibly meant to deviously and obliquely signal support for the tyrannically oppressed street artists. What cowardly rubbish!

Do you need testimony as to her insular elite KKK attitudes? Check her current web site. After two years in office as Mayor of one of the most corrupt and oppressive citys in Florida she says, "Our Budget Shows Our Values". Then she goes on to talk about complaints about pot holes and make the point that we need to spend more money on paving. She equates misallocation of money for pot holes and paving as a reflection of "our" values. "Our?" Does she have a turd in her pocket? Sorry Nancy Slaver, but pot holes and paving don't even make a blip on my value radar screen. Discussing them as an expression of values, while ignoring the murders and destruction of the fabric of this city caused by the gross corruption of the 'rule of law', only expresses instead the insular arrogance and intentionally deceptive lies of omission that are now so commonplace.

Homelessness could be eliminated in a heartbeat if elite policy makers wanted it gone.

Is Nancy Slacer's silence because this corruption does not exist. No! Everyone knows that this gross corruption exists in Saint Augustine. Its a wink and a smile joke in the parochial self anointed elite snob administrative class. I would attribute much of her behavior to her own life's insular experiences; her Wellsley College elitist indoctrination and especially being immersed in the insular elite Xtrevilist corporate world. A world where "my crap does not stink" attitudes abound. A world where playing the good cop bad cop political game with the employees, in order to squeeze more profit out of them, is de rigueur in the administrative class. A world where those who speak out for fairness are fired or shamed. A pox on her and her intentional lies of omissive silence. And please don't email me and tell me about her ruse showboat token help of the homeless. Homelessness could be eliminated in a heartbeat if elite policy makers wanted it gone.

This is also not just a local phenomenon, it is happening all across America and in Western nations around the globe. It is to a great degree more important here in our community because of Saint Augustine's place in the nation's formative history.

As goes Saint Augustine so goes the world. Your past is your now and your now is your future.

If you truly want to build a more moral and better world you are going to have to do some serious soul searching and change your twisted viewpoints and behaviors.

What do these criminal events in Saint Augustine portend? What do they reveal about our American government? Who really controls and runs the corrupt system? For the answer you have to drop the menticide induced mythical fairy tale blinders in your head and look at the harsh reallty...

You have to drop the menticide induced mythical fairy tale blinders
in your head and look at the harsh reallty...

The fairy tale is 'Representative Democracy' — the harsh reality is 'Crumbunism' that manifests in 'Pretendunism'.

Meritocracy or Deceptocracy? Learn the difference...

The United States government, supposedly a democratic representative republic, is many times described as a meritocracy — a system in which the smartest and most talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement; on the basis of the quality of their ideas and products being good, important, or useful: on the basis of their having merit or value or worth.

That's the fairy tale. That's the cover story. In reality American government has been hijacked by self anointed elite corporate jackals and now stands as a Deceptocracy. America has become Scamerica — a pseudo republic characterized by dog eat dog deception. The operative political system in this new reality is called "Crumbunism" and it is implemented through menticide management (brainwashing).

Crumbunism's media, the loudest, most strident and persuasive voice on the planet...

Crumbunism is a psychologically coercive hierarchal system that depends on massive corporate owned state media used to brainwash and control citizens to gain and maintain its illegally and immorally usurped power. The hierarchy is a simple three tier pyramid system which consists of:

• The very few self anointed uber wealthy elite in the top tier who make policy.

• A slightly larger well paid administrative tier (they get more crumbs than the rest of us). This well paid administrative tier consists of the "Green Wall of $ilence" managing overseers and the "Blue Wall of Silence" law enforcement gang which insures that policy is implemented. Both groups, despite their efforts to pose and present to the public as separate entities, synergistically act as one to impose the policy created at the top.

• The third tier at the bottom, the largest tier, consists of the rest of us. All of the workers, the real producers of essential societally beneficial substance.

In the crumbunist system the worker producer citizens in the largest bottom tier are incessantly bombarded by the administrative and law enforcement class with state media baloneyspeak lies that claim they are free, exceptional, have great opportunity, live in a land of capitalism and free markets, and at any moment can become a billionaire. Key baseline elements of the propaganda (based in the Noble Lie, its OK to lie to the untermenschen) are; promoting the self anointed elite corporate owned and controlled status quo; promoting adoration of piggish wealth; promoting patriotic love of militarism; promoting and creating fear and hate mongering divisiveness and mindless deflective bread and circus corporate entertainment.

Crumbunism operates under a now formula program of instilling complicity: 1. Brainwash 2. Encourage participation 3. Meter out the crumbs...

Citizens have no real control over policy which is set from the top tier of the pyramid by the uber wealthy self anointed elite few that owe their ruling status to creating the best deceptions. Deceptions which they have used to hijack governments and their administrations
around the globe so as to combine their institutions — central banks, military, media, education, agriculture, big pharma, etc. Through their global consolidation of media, crumbunism's 'voice' has become the loudest, most strident and influential voice on the planet.

State and local governments, staffed with the snobbish folks from the Green Wall of $ilence and their law enforcement partners in crime in the
administrative tier of the pyramid, parrot and promote the policy created by the top tier and function primarily in a management capacity to implement policy, siphon off their greater share of crumbs and regulate the local bickering.

1. Brainwash — keep you ignorant to shield you from the truth...

Citizens are intentionally shielded from the secretively created upper level corrupt and oppressive imperialist policy of theft, illicit international meddling, exploitation, torture, invasive wars and murder being implemented around the globe. At the same time that we are being lied into secretively planned illegal and immoral planet wide undertakings we are also being incessantly bombarded with highly publicized token goodness stories of our compassion shown around the globe when we help other nations deal with natural disasters. The resultant false message we get at home is how good we are — how warm and wonderful we Americans are — while the rest of the world reels at our death dealing arrogance and greed.

2. Encourage participation — charade elections for validation and to confirm complicity...

Periodically citizens in the largest bottom worker tier are conned into participating in overwhelmingly publicized and all pervasive two faction charade elections (an us and them divisiveness promotion more fake than pro wrestling now) in order to; make them erroneously believe that they do have a hand in creating policy; to unwittingly validate and legitimize their deceptive, self anointed elite rulers and their administrative class; and most important to subconsciously confirm their complicity in the immoral and illegal self serving imperialist policy of their self anointed elite masters.

3. Meter out the crumbs — to build dependent obedience...

As the top tier global imperial policy of theft goes on and the charade elections are periodically implemented to build complicity, citizens are also given a daily crumb supply metered out by the
"Green Wall of $ilence" and the "Blue Wall of Silence" law enforcement administrative class. The crumbs are metered out by imposing and enforcing excessive regulations, license, and tax schemes that insure the many will stay indentured debt slaves while the greater crumb supply will flow to the self anointed elite and the administrative class. Profits, salaries, and pensions, for the "Green Wall of $ilence" and the "Blue Wall of Silence" law enforcement administrative class are almost always far more hefty than those in the much larger working class. Said another way; the people who do all of the work get crap wages while their sell out administrative controllers get far richer guaranteed incomes for selling them out.

It is this formula ruse program of subconsciously imposed complicity coupled with the supporting brainwashing and greater daily supply of crumbs it provides that makes otherwise good people in the administrative class defend blatant immoral behavior when it is exposed, e.g.; defend Bush and Cheny lying us into the Iraq war; defend Kissinger and Nixon secretly carpet bombing Cambodia; defend Clinton's crass and immoral exploitation of his status and power to get a blow job in the White House; defend the now very transparent ruse electoral scam
and its scoundrel immoral candidates for validation of the status quo; etc., etc.

People in the administrative class are so infected with Xtrevilism that they would sell their own mothers for a few pennies, while at the same time and with a very straight face, try to convince you that it was the mother's fault that she had to be sold and it was a justified and honorable sale. When they defend immorality they become just as immoral as that which they defend. A pox on them all.

"Pretendunism", you must be a good phony to get your crumbs...

Pretenduism: Crumbunism's phony homogenized sameness mask of tribal obedience.
Wear it or you get no crumbs.

A hallmark characteristic of the system of Crumbunism is "Pretendunism". Pretendunism is the outward societal manifestation (the result) of the crumbunist psychologically coercive viewpoint and behavioral brainwashing system. Pretendunism is a "go along to get along" public pressure system. It psychologically requires all citizens — if they want their daily crumb supply and whether they believe the propaganda or not — to mask their real feelings and pretend that they are happy, patriotically love their country, love their over aggressive fear inducing cops and military, and love their dead end, emotionally draining jobs and lives.

Token dissent, that is not listened to and has no effect on policy, is allowed within the framework of the charade political system to give individuals the feeling and erroneous belief that they have a dog in the hunt. If citizens deviate from those official channels and effectively dissent they are demonized and risk; loss of their crumb supply; being falsely accused of set up crimes and sent to prison; or even worse, eliminated.

The warning of what is to come, the little conflicting voices in your head, your public and private persona...

If you have ever wondered where the mind controlling public and private dual persona that we all possess and internally struggle with daily through self talk comes from (what we would like to be naturally and what we have to be in our coercive crumbunist reality) look no further. That duality — those little struggling and conflicting voices in your head (the want to be vs the have to be) — are based in the viewpoint and behavior controlling propaganda of crumbunism that manifests in the social pressure of pretendunism. We are real and relaxed at home where we can let it all hang out and we pretend and are on guard in public where we role play and watch what we say and do. It is that pretending that is a major factor in the increase of societal decay and individual anxiety that we are all experiencing today.
[Note that Trump, with his let it all hang out language that many citizens use in their homes every day, is making an "I'm just like you." appeal that many, tired of being muzzled by political correctness, will relate to.]

The global anxiety epidemic grows...

Many people, more and more as each day passes, are so affected by the fear and hate mongering propaganda and the steady stream of disingenuous lies and hypocrisy coming from their deceptive public officials — and the ever enlarging body of coerced pretending others around them in society — lose faith and trust in reality and humanity, suffer from panic attacks, and can not even go out in public. These more sensitive individuals, who suffer panic attacks, are a precursor and a canary in the mine warning of the effects of the perpetual conflict anxiety epidemic that we are all being thrust into.

As the intentionally created perpetual conflict in society is increased and becomes all pervasive in our media with reports of more, and ever bolder; bombings, arson, murders, rapes, riots, hate crimes, police brutality, mall and school shootings, knife attacks, etc., more and more of us will no longer be able to relax at home. We will instead turn to all forms of negative escapism and greater substance abuse for relief, and we will be less inclined to go out in public. Ironically, many of these more sensitive people, not fully understanding the complete dynamic involved and motivated by their fears, call for harsher punishments and greater elimination of Civil Rights in order to restore order. This of course only exacerbates the situation as it gives more power to the Xtrevilist elite when those harsher restraints and punishments are imposed.

Who is to blame and why? The struggle at the top — Vanilla Greed for Profit (Evilism) is duking it out with Pernicious Greed for Destruction (Xtrevilism)...

Meet your new oppressor... Xtrevilism!
Welcome to perpetual conflict in the masses.

Xtrevilism — a societal control force without equal...

Without question those very few individuals at the top of the pyramid — predominately unelected appointed officials with little or no accountability to the ballot box and the uber wealthy billionaires that they shill for — control policy through central bank manipulation of the global fiat credit/money supply (both on the books and off the books dark pools of fiat credit/money sloshing around the planet). With this formidable power they have created a system of globally dynamic inter penetrating economic bubbles implemented and fine tuned with the now well integrated massive corporate owned global state media described above. These global mass media augmented and placed bubbles — far more powerful than military weapons — can decimate and control whole industries, countries, communities and global financial sectors around the globe. Think of them as red lining on steroids. As a societal control force they are without equal and are used to impose forced austerity, sequestration, and fund the creation of ever more harsh technologically advanced societal tools of control and dominance.

The clash of deceptions — the factions, and why they struggle — an unsustainable world...

In the past fifty plus years, control of the crumbunist system described above, which had been controlled by Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism (a parasitic system that allows its host victims to live another day so as to reap continual profit), has been co-opted by Pernicious Greed for Destruction Xtrevilism (a parasitic system that destroys or kills its host victims by setting them in perpetual conflict with each other).

The reason for this policy control shift is that those who were at the top of the crumbunist hierarchy
over the past fifty plus years, the Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism faction, have created a horrific problem for themselves.

Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism which controlled the old paradigm's policy, through their lust for ever greater profit and power, have grossly mismanaged global resources and have created an unsustainable world. Global pollution and warming are real. Do not believe what the corporate controlled menticide media is selling you.

It is as if they have virtually set the world on fire.
And they know it and have known it for quite some time now. The common sense solution of course would be to throttle back to a more sustainable consumption position — to stop feeding the flames — which, because they would lose profits and control, Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism is unwilling to do and has been unable to do.

Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism has grossly mismanaged global
 resources and has created an unsustainable world.

The Xtrevilist solution — Inter-societal violence now becomes intra-societal violence...

Pernicious Greed for Destruction Xtrevilism, which has gradually over the past fifty plus years taken policy control from the old Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism, has a more direct, more evil and well telegraphed solution. They seek to create a two tier global system of ruler and ruled through a Full Spectrum Dominance global herd thinning policy implemented by a program of creating divisive Perpetual Conflict in the masses.

This heinous program of extremely cruel genocidal murder, which was once sold to the American public as policy only for those "brown folks over there" in foreign nations — it is going on all over the Middle East right now — is now being implemented domestically to herd thin and control the American (and other Western) populations. [Note that in its essence this is the same methodology that was used to decimate the Native American Indians.]

The Xtrevilist solution is to herd thin the masses by setting one

against the other through a variety of divisive deceptions.

The phony war on drugs, the newer phony war on terror, and intentionally created refugee and illegal alien border crossings are all an integral part of this plan. In reality they are all scapegoat ruses used to foment divisiveness, grow the police state and to crush and eliminate any competitive societal ideologies and those people who promote them. Other divisive (now formula) elite ruses; racism, sexism, religion, homophobia, etc., are also used to create hate and divisions in the populace for the same reasons and to fuel the Perpetual Conflict.

Bye bye old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Profit Evilism...

It should be noted that an integral part of imposing this Xtrevilist perpetual conflict plan is to eliminate the
old well paid administrative tier of the Vanilla Greed for Profit class — the "Green Wall of $ilence" managing overseers and their joined at the hip "Blue Wall of Silence" law enforcement. They are so narcissistically over indoctrinated to their own elite status and power and so protective of their greater crumb supply that they can not see that they are being played. As they unwittingly become more immoral and impose more draconian measures on the citizenry to fuel the perpetual conflict they can not see their own demise. They can not see that they are rapidly being transitioned into a single robotic wealth protection class.

Say good bye to all of those overpaid administrators and their expensive collaborators in law enforcement. They
will ultimately be replaced by a far more efficient and less costly system of computer controlled drones that will insure all citizens do as they are told. Those who stray from their assigned roles will be subject to predetermined enforcement decisions carried out by the drones, many of which are already in place. If you are just a little bit perceptive you will realize that all of the positioning and control technology in the now very real driverless vehicles will form the backbone of the computer enforcement system that will keep you in line.

You see much evidence of this transition of elimination not only with the driverless car example above but also with the increasing societal violence and the murder of street cops going on today. Notice also that those in the Vanilla Greed for Profit class are facing stiffer competition as they struggle for fewer dollars from a poorer citizenry. A good example would be the profusion of ambulance chasing lawyer's ads on TV. As lower tier wealth and opportunity more rapidly diminishes and is eliminated by the intentionally instilled increasing perpetual conflict the populace will turn on the old Vanilla Greed for Profit class and subsume it into the perpetual conflict. You reap what you sow. Welcome to the Orwellian world of 1984 with a twist. The twist is the Onotron.

In summary: Their struggle is not your struggle...

What leaps off the page in all of this is that the common person, the every day worker in the lower tier of the pyramid who produces the real tangible substantive wealth (as opposed to the deceptive economic non tangible paper digital derivative scam wealth) has NO representation by either faction as discussed above. What visible political representation of either stripe that they do have is most always centered around promoting socially divisive issues, keeping the sham ever coarsening electoral process alive and deceptively trying to get the common person to support self serving programs for those in the administrative class.

It is a struggle between two small gangs of immoral criminals to determine the fate of the majority of citizens; one gang who wants to control and make you a debt slave for the rest of your life and the other gang that wants to set you one against the other for elimination. Take note here that in a rigged choice electoral system where one is constantly asked to choose the lesser of two criminal immoralities you always end up with criminal immorality!

If you can not see this policy shift and the intentionally created perpetual conflict implementation here in America by now there is little hope for you.
If you think that this program of heinous herd thinning of you and your friends and neighbors is a conspiracy and does not exist you seriously need to get a brain enema. The menticide programming has rendered you a gullible imbecile and you are now on the table for slaughter.

You drive your own nails into the lid of your own coffin.

What To Do...

• First and foremost; work to deprogram yourself from the brainwashing. Be more skeptical and question all authority. Turn off your TV. Garbage in equals garbage out. You do not need to fill your head with the incessant deceptive harangue of corporate others trying to sell you their products and services or ideologies. Corporate media will rot your brain faster than a venomous snake bite.

• Second; realize that this is the few rich and powerful self anointed elite and their administrative class against the rest of us. We are many, they are few. [If you are a member of that jivey league, college educated, self anointed elite snob administrative class, go look in a mirror.]

• Recognize that you will not make positive remedial change within their system. Recognize that your local elections, like here in Saint Augustine, are all about the criminal Vanilla Greed for Profit administrative class fighting over their local crumb supply even as they are enveloped by a greater more evil force, Pernicious Greed for Destruction Xtrevilism. Those in either criminal group do not give a rat's ass about you or your friends or your family. Their insular arrogance and internecine bickering is now so pervasive that they no longer even take the time to give lip service to the wants and needs of the common person. It is all about them selfishly fighting over access to your wallet and controlling you. Yes, it is disheartening to learn that you have been deceived by those you have trusted for so many years and that you are living in an illusion, but the sooner you accept and embrace the reality the better off you will be.

• Shun the corrupt self anointed elite class corporate system as it shuns you. Work outside the crooked system to make a more moral and positive world. Morality is what it is all about. We do not need a hierarchal system that is ruled by the few. We need instead a one for all and all for one levelocracy. A system of direct democracy where we send messengers bound to convey our local will to a minimalist central government charged with the protection of the greater commons, rather than sending crooked unbound representatives controlled by deceptive lobbyists that thwart our local will when sent to a centralized pack of gangsters. Consider having nine regional Presidents rather than one President, with a system of shared emergency control. Our Constitution and its Bill of Rights and our 'rule of law' are like corrupted software that is out of date. They need to be upgraded to be made more inclusive and eliminate the corruption, not by crooked politicians, but by you and your friends and neighbors.

• BOYCOTT the vote. A boycott abstention is in reality a vote of no confidence in this crooked government. That is why they are working overtime in this election cycle to get out the vote. They want you to validate their criminal control. Don't do it! A vote for a lesser criminal immorality is a vote for criminal immorality.

• BOYCOTT those who oppress you. You don't have to buy from the greedy merchants downtown who have denied you opportunity. Support other working class businesses.

• RESIST ANY erosion of your Civil Liberties, no matter how small. Work to protect and grow the public commons.

• Get Solvent ASAP. Avoid sorrow don't borrow! The thirty plus year bull bond market (all the bubbles that have caused the turmoil domestically and in foreign countries around the globe) is unsustainable. DO NOT get caught with your pants down. It is possible that 100 trillion dollars of phony derivative fiat credit/money could disappear globally overnight. There will be NO chairs left when the music stops playing. Until that time continual global rolling bubbles in specific countries and sectors of the economy (especially oil and finance) will be used to justify austerity and sequestration (cute little euphemisms for screwing you financially and draining your resources) will be increased. Focus your efforts on becoming self sufficient and support community programs and others that do the same.

• Take a world view and expose corruption and the phonies amongst us, You do have a civic responsibility to yourself and to others to make the world you live in sustainable...

The good captain realizes that she is not only responsible for her ship's safety but she is also responsible for the quality of the water she navigates in... a responsibility that goes beyond mitigating the negative impacts of her own vessel... a responsibility that includes insuring that other vessels do the same... a responsibility that extends to safeguarding all creatures, great and small, whether sea based or land based, as they all contribute to the quality of the water... it is wise to realize that even the most seaworthy vessel will eventually founder in a polluted sea of slime, thick sludge and debris...

• Study and learn. You are what you have been through, but now and the future are up to you.

• Stay positive — we can do this!

Express love and sharing with those who are genuinely kind and giving, shun and castigate those who are not.

Life's great, stay busy, have fun!
...and peace to you all!

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Please forward as widely as possible. Thank You, Warren Celli, Publisher.
Tail Wags and Dog Bites

Repressive Government Official Pins Medal On Repressive Government Official...

(Xtrevilism love-fest! Click on image
above for story)

Repressive, and grossly overpaid City Mangler, John Pawl Regan, gets pinned by repressive Spanish Government Official.

Spain has some of the harshest gag laws in Europe. If you criticize cops or call them something innocuously mild, like a “pack of slackers” on Facebook, you can be fined and or go to prison.
And if you are a whistle blower in Spain it can turn your life into a "nightmare".

Its time to dump fascist Spain, make West Saint Augustine our "Sister City", and fix their languishing sewer system. The money saved in transporting our crud politicians on overly expensive junket visits to repressive Spain would go a long way to getting things done! Shame on the City Mangler John Pawl Regan!

Business Community Re-anoints Their Corrupt Sheriff — 72% of Voters Boycotted the NO CHOICE, NO MANDATE, election!
Why pay for public property when you can steal it with a hijacked government and corrupt law enforcement. 

Click on image above.

Cop's that enforce self serving unconstitutional crooked law help create more social unrest and crime than they can ever hope to solve.

Worth Repeating...
(From last issue...)

If Law Enforcement, at all levels, not just the cops on the street, wants the respect of citizens they will have to stop their surrogate excessive violence against citizens and instead push back on their corrupt politician masters who insist that they "instill fear" and keep enforcing self serving "legalized" theft and societally destructive laws. Especially those laws that enable and protect the citizen killing state Alcohol and Tobacco Drug Cartel that crooked cops lobby and work so hard to protect. A citizen killing drug cartel that is an integral part of the backbone of Saint Augustine's divisive tourist industry.
And stop the guilty until proven innocent enforcement of "legalized" gangster theft  Civil Asset Forfeiture laws that exist under the same phony "war on drugs" ruse. A no oversight scam that has now led to another no oversight scam called Operation Chokepoint.
Created by Presidential edict, with no enabling congressional legislation. Investigations are carried out in secret to crush dissent and the competition of government favored businesses. Legitimate American businesses are now subject to crippling economic sanctions like those imposed on Iran.

Can we not see the escalation here?
Can we not see what a scam ruse the "Rule of Law" has become?
Can we not see why so many people now think "cops suck" and law enforcement at all levels is held in such low esteem?
Can we not yet see the intentional  imposition of "perpetual conflict" to impose "full spectrum dominance"so as to destroy the fabric of America?
Can we not see that when we cheer and allow another's ox to be gored, for any reason, ours will be next?

There will be no healing until they stop the stealing!

"Their bias and mission is now very clear; they are self anointed elite defenders of the rigged system that sustains the wealth of the rich at the expense of the rest of us."

"Like the sins of the parents being visited upon the children, the dysfunctional behavior of your government trickles down and is visited upon the society."
"In stark contrast the closet KKK Saint Augustine city commission, that holds far more destructive self anointed elite attitudes of superiority, is exceedingly more devious and secretive."
And for the record: I am for the Rule of Law and a strong Law Enforcement! I oppose strongly a corrupt Rule of Law and corrupt Law Enforcement!

Life's great! Stay busy! Have fun!
...and peace to you all!

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